Navigating your migration and the MSIX package process

Plenty of resources explain the advantages of Microsoft’s new package format, MSIX. But one big question remains: How do you migrate your traditional Win32 applications projects to build MSIX packages?

Wonder no more. Experts from Flexera and Revenera have joined forces with Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP Fellow Tim Mangan to share their expertise in this comprehensive guide designed to help developers migrate traditional projects to MSIX. Mangan is an expert in application virtualization and MSIX. Flexera and Revenera are well known for creating the esteemed application packaging and installer authoring tools, AdminStudio and InstallShield.

A Developer’s Guide to MSIX answers the how and why of MSIX features that you’ll encounter during your migration. It’s an excellent tool for developers who are either currently transitioning or plan to transition to MSIX soon. If you are an IT Pro/Package Engineer, you will immediately notice that MSIX is very different in how it is structured compared to MSI. Your traditional MSI customization knowledge does not apply to MSIX. This book gets into the details of MSIX package structure in a way that can help you understand the MSIX to a similar level you may have achieved in learning Windows Installer (MSI). Don’t miss your chance to make your adoption of MSIX as smooth as possible with this insightful and thorough guide.

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