Microsoft’s MSI technology has assisted many organizations and IT Pros well over the years, providing a standard for application customization deployment.

With the technology evolution brought on by cloud and containerization, the old MSI technology needs an upgrade.

In this two-part series Flexera brings on industry experts, Bob Kelly, Tim Mangan and Rod Trent to discuss firsthand everything MSIX - including how it fits into the current tech environment and how to make the transition to modern application customization and deployment a breeze.

Webinar Part I

The Future of Software Packaging

In Part I you will learn:

  • The promise of MSIX
  • MSIX Package makeup
  • How to work with MSIX files
  • Limitations and how to work around them

Webinar Part II

Delivering MSIX Packages Using Modern Distribution Technologies

In Part II of this Webinar series Tim Mangan and Bob Kelly will have an in-depth discussion on the various deployment and publishing technologies available for MSIX packages.

In Part II you will learn:

  • Highlights of Part I: MSIX - The Future of Software Packaging
  • Options available in deploying and publishing MSIX Packages
    • Microsoft Store
    • Store for Business/Education
    • Config Manager
    • Pre-deployment in imaging
    • PowerShell
  • Caveats in Deployment
  • The MSIX Container
  • Understanding the Package Support Framework
  • Ask the Experts

Bob Kelly
Manager, Product Management

Rod Trent
CEO, Chief Community Geek
Crawdaddy Media

Tim Mangan
TMurgent Technologies


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