Microsoft’s MSI technology has assisted many organizations and IT Pros well over the years, providing a standard for application customization deployment.

With the technology evolution brought on by cloud and containerization, the old MSI technology needs an upgrade.

In this two-part series Flexera brings on industry experts, Bob Kelly, Tim Mangan and Rod Trent to discuss firsthand everything MSIX - including how it fits into the current tech environment and how to make the transition to modern application customization and deployment a breeze.

Webinar Part I: The Future of Software Packaging

In Part I you will learn:

  • The promise of MSIX
  • MSIX Package makeup
  • How to work with MSIX files
  • Limitations and how to work around them

Webinar Part II: Delivering MSIX Packages Using Modern Distribution Technologies

In Part II of this Webinar series Tim Mangan and Bob Kelly will have an in-depth discussion on the various deployment and publishing technologies available for MSIX packages.

In Part II you will learn:

  • Highlights of Part I: MSIX - The Future of Software Packaging
  • Options available in deploying and publishing MSIX Packages
    • Microsoft Store
    • Store for Business/Education
    • Config Manager
    • Pre-deployment in imaging
    • PowerShell
  • Caveats in Deployment
  • The MSIX Container
  • Understanding the Package Support Framework
  • Ask the Experts

Bob Kelly
Manager, Product Management

Rod Trent
CEO, Chief Community Geek
Crawdaddy Media

Tim Mangan
TMurgent Technologies


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