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In our Application Packaging Experts Roundtable series, experienced professionals will engage in an informal discussion and take questions on all things related to the topic of application packaging. This virtual roundtable series features Flexera (and sometimes guest) packaging experts who want to help you conquer your toughest application challenges.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Automation
  • MSIX
  • Application virtualization
  • Wrapping and scripting
  • Tips around process and package quality
  • Silent command line parameters
  • Windows compatibility testing
  • Answering AdminStudio product questions

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Do you have a general or a specific question around Application Packaging? If so, our panel will be on hand to answer through our community.

If you have questions about AdminStudio, this team is obviously equipped to deliver, but the topic doesn’t need to be product related. Come join our team of experts for a conversation that will last up to one hour based on the topics you bring to the table.

Our Expert Panelists:

Mike O'Connor
Sr. Solution Engineer

12+ years of Application Packaging with AdminStudio knowledge

Jeroen Braak
Major Account Manager

Domain expert in packaging

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Date and Time
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
10am CT (US) | 4pm (UK)
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Watch the recordings of previous sessions

Application Packaging Customer Experiences and Best Practices from AdminStudio Services Partner TLUX Group – November 2023

In this session, we’re joined by Crispin Luxton, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development for TLUX Group. TLUX is Flexera’s go-to partner for implementation, training, and other services around AdminStudio. Crispin and the Flexera speakers discuss managing Application/Software Repositories, Customization of Application Installation Packages, OS Migrations, Virtualizations, and more! Crispin shares what he’s seen in his 20+ years’ experience in the application packaging and preparation field and where he sees the field heading in the next few years.

Key Aspects of Application Packaging Automation – September 2023

In this session, our speakers discuss various steps involved in application packaging and look at each step from an automation standpoint: actions are performed in a step, manual efforts required and what is needed to automate a step. While not all steps for all packages can be automated, identifying and automating the steps that are common, require significant manual efforts, and are repetitive will result in huge time and cost savings.

AdminStudio 2023 Walk Through – June 2023

In this session, we walk through AdminStudio with a focus on some new enhancements being released in June of 2023. Largely a product demonstration and discussion, its automation capabilities get a particular focus in the context of the overall value driven by AdminStudio today.

AppDeployNews: A Packaging Conversation – March 2023

In this session, Ronald Vonk of SparkleFlow and AppDeployNews joins the roundtable to discuss a variety of packaging topics. An overview of the new website is provided, and articles from the site are used as talking points to drive the discussion. Topics include package research, the future of packaging, MSIX adoption, MSIX errors, and troubleshooting.

Identifying and Managing the Unmanaged – January 2023

In this session, our speakers discuss the challenges around handling unmanaged applications and how AdminStudio’s backlog feature can play a role. A demo of Flexera’s IT Visibility solution and its AdminStudio integration is provided as a real-world example of how to leverage asset data and your application catalog to identify and address unmanaged applications in your environment.

Notes from the Field: Creative Solutions to App Challenges – November 2022

In this session, the team discuss many common problems faced by organizations and the solutions that have, and have not, worked in addressing them. Topics include managing updates, staying secure, setting your team up for success, doing more with less, and more.

Five Commonly Asked Questions by IT Pro's – August 2022

In this session, our speakers discuss common questions from customers around the topic of packaging including, what is the best way to prepare/customize a package for deployment, what is the best way to test a package before deployment, is it the right time to start migration to MSIX, is automation possible for packaging, and is repackaging on decline.

Managed Applications – May 2022

In this session the team discusses the concept of managed and unmanaged applications; how to assess coverage and the need to get applications under management or remove them. Also included are tips on handling the silent removal of applications not to be managed.

Intune and ConfigMan Application Models – March 2022

For those co-managing or migrating between ConfigMan and Intune, it is valuable to understand application models of each. In this session, we’ll discuss the various metadata that can be associated with applications in these management systems and how such can impact the behavior of your deployments.

Package Quality – January 2022

The team discusses items you may wish to watch out for and/or address when preparing packages for deployment. AdminStudio’s approach is used as a backdrop to the conversation, but the details regarding the issues themselves are universally applicable.

The PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit – October 2021

In this session, we are joined by the team behind the PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit (PSADT) to discuss its capabilities, origin, and plans for the future.

MSIX Update Discussion – August 2021

Tim Mangan (Author, Teacher, Consultant) joins the roundtable to discuss MSIX. We discuss plans and predictions as well as some new announcements.

ConfigMan: Application vs. Package Model – June 2021

Sumit Singh (MEM specialist) joins the roundtable to discuss Microsoft Configuration Manager and Intune, focusing on the differences and benefits associated with the package and application models for handling software deployments in ConfigMan.

Package Testing – February 2021

In this session, we discuss package testing—what, when, where, and how. Generally speaking and then in the second half, focusing on the role AdminStudio can play in testing.

Package Automation – November 2020

A discussion on automation begins with why you may wish to automate packaging operations and why you might not want to take advantage of automation in different situations.

MSIX Update – October 2020

By popular demand, we delivered another session focusing on the new MSIX packaging format. Starting with a quick overview of the benefits, we dive into the contents of an MSIX package and the XML manifest.

Wrapping versus Repackaging – April 16, 2020

Wrapping versus repackaging. Audio only.

Windows as a Service – April 9, 2020

We talk about Windows 10 and how releases had shifted to 6-month releases, feature updates, and quality updates. We also cover proactive versus reactive application compatibility testing. Questions addressed include topics like MSIX and Repackaging. Audio only.

Initial Session: MSIX – April 2, 2020

A discussion on the state of MSIX, including AppAttach and Windows 10X (which would later be rebranded Windows 11). Audio only.