Many IT administrators have successfully overcome the tendency within their organization to view application readiness as a one-time event. The fact is application readiness is a continuous process. This isn't always easy to understand.

Viewing the application preparation and deployment as a single event or an ad hoc activity is a common mistake. Those taking that position generally associate application preparation tasks with another event such as an OS migration, conversion to a new packaging format such as MSIX, or other infrastructure change. Although it does need to occur at those times, this is an isolated view.

What’s needed is a continuous process for managing, preparing and deploying applications in a reliable, consistent way.

Join our webinar to learn about the six-step process for continuous Application Readiness and how to shift from reactive to proactive application management.

Walk away with the knowledge to:

  • Define, track and deliver the speed and quality of service delivery the enterprise expects when it comes to obtaining software applications.

Paul Pieske
Senior Product Marketing Manager

A former Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army, Flexera Senior Product Marketing Manager Paul Pieske has been in IT Software Asset Management and Configuration Management for over 25 years. Paul, along with the Flexera team gives companies clarity into their technology “black hole,” helping business leaders turn IT insight into action.

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