Microsoft Windows 10 is proving to be a more secure platform. A big reason -- many enterprises are migrating now, to bolster their security defenses. While compatibility of applications is a calculated risk for organizations, other risks including cyber security risk, requires vigilance by all, especially when releasing new applications or updates into your Windows 10 environment. End user computing teams and SCCM administrators must be sure that new packages deployed don’t contain vulnerabilities or introduce other risks to the business.

This white paper is an executive summary of the recent Virtual Trade Show (VTS) webinar presented by Mike O’Connor, Senior Solution Engineer, Flexera Software, where he provided guidance for some of the most common types risk to be concerned about to ensure that applications are ready and fully supportable once deployed.

The executive summary highlights:

  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Analyze open source
  • Evaluate dependencies
  • Detail supportability
  • Review legal insights

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Windows 10: If Compatibility Is Not a Problem, What Is?

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