Deploying applications and keeping them updated with the latest patches consumes an extraordinary amount of time and resources. With typically more than a thousand applications in an enterprise's software portfolio, plus management and user expectations, deployment is a daunting task. It calls for tools and strategies to eliminate the drudgery of keeping up.

Senior management and the user community expect you to maintain application readiness to support the business of the enterprise. That means:

  • keeping applications current with the latest updates and patches
  • keeping applications and updates ready for immediate deployment to a variety of devices across the enterprise

How can you meet these expectations in such a rapid-fire environment? If you’ve tried patch catalogs, you’ve discovered they include patches for only a limited number of applications. You can’t possibly cover your entire application portfolio with these solutions.

That's where AdminStudio with Package Feed Module comes in. This solution combines the industry-leading application readiness functionality of AdminStudio with Package Feed Module's unmatched coverage of vendor setups, providing specific deployment details on thousands of applications to save you time.

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