Gain full visibility into your cloud bill within minutes

Snow Cloud Cost powered by Anodot provides an easy-to-use solution to monitor and optimize your multi-cloud and Kubernetes spend in real-time. Correlate cloud spend with business KPIs and act on personalized savings recommendations.

  • Visualize AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes costs
    Get granular detail on cloud usage, allocate costs, and build personalized dashboards
  • Optimize how you use and purchase cloud services
    Easily act on savings recommendations that will reduce costs today
  • Monitor your spending and receive alerts
    ML-powered forecasting and anomaly detection enable you to actively control costs and avoid billing surprises
  • Go deep on Kubernetes costs
    Accurately view how much microservices cost to run from cluster-to-pod and compare against business metrics and non-containerized costs.

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  • An average of 20% savings on cloud costs
  • Rapid implementation
  • Time to value in under 3 months

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