Your essential guide to navigating the IBM Cloud Platform

If you’re already engaged with IBM Cloud or if you’re currently considering adopting it, make sure you read the FinOps Foundation’s IBM Cloud Licensing Management Guide.

As cloud computing expands and evolves, managing licenses efficiently and compliantly is becoming increasingly critical and complex.

With differences that span metrics, measurements and methodologies, every vendor has unique cost structures and definitions for the number of licenses you have to purchase.

IBM is a key example of this: it has its own unique licensing structures, challenges and opportunities.

To ensure you’re harnessing the full potential of your IBM investment and implementing best practices, we invite you to read this new FinOps Foundation guide that specifically targets the IBM Cloud platform.

The IBM Cloud Licensing Management Guide also covers:

  • Practical steps to understand IBM licensing
  • Guidance on implementing a Bring Your Own License strategy
  • Advice on addressing non-compliance issues

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