Your essential guide to navigating Oracle’s software licenses in the cloud

If you’re already utilizing Oracle’s cloud solutions—or even if you’re just evaluating their fit for your organization— don’t pass up the FinOps Foundation’s Oracle License Management Guide.

The ways that organizations are using the cloud are constantly expanding. As a result, licensing models and pricing structures are becoming increasingly complex.

Implementing FinOps and ITAM best practices is key to managing diverse cloud models, whether they’re private, public, hybrid, multi-dimensional or distributed.

In the FinOps Foundation’s Oracle Licensing Management Guide, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Oracle cloud services, subscriptions, mobility programs and ongoing consumption management of Oracle cloud services and licenses.

The Oracle Licensing Management Guide also includes:

  • A Bring Your Own License model overview
  • A breakdown of Oracle license types, editions and pricing
  • Strategies for optimizing cloud licenses and consumption

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