From planning and migration to ongoing management

Now more than ever, organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud so they can rapidly scale their business services in order to meet demand. But moving too quickly can cause long-term challenges. This guide provides valuable tips and best practices no matter where your organization is in the cloud journey.

As you migrate critical existing workloads and spin up new ones, it’s important to have the right people, processes and tools in place to maximize success. Flexera’s guide discusses:

  • Identifying and prioritizing which workloads to move
  • Gaining visibility into and managing your cloud costs
  • Establishing governance for ongoing compliance management
  • Managing your hybrid cloud instances (e.g., SLA’s, discounts)

Taking proactive steps now to effectively manage your cloud usage and costs will not only help you tackle the current challenges but position you for growth once business conditions return to normal.

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