Public cloud offerings and feature sets continue to expand every year. What started with basic compute and storage offerings along with a simple networking scheme has evolved into hundreds of services spread across the globe for virtually every imaginable use case.

This webinar is the next in Flexera’s series on cloud computing, and builds on the topics covered in our previous "Cloud 101: Basics of the Cloud" webinar.

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In Cloud 201, you’ll learn in more detail about compute and storage offerings of cloud providers, how they differ, and to which use cases they’re best suited. We’ll do a deeper dive on networking to illustrate how the feature sets have evolved to enable trusted topologies to be deployed in the cloud.

As public cloud offerings have matured, providers have enabled their customers to build resilient, highly available application architectures that can scale (and contract) based on demand. The concepts, components and architectures to enable these reliable deployments will be covered, with examples from all the major cloud providers. You’ll also have the opportunity to anonymously submit questions for discussion.

Watch this webinar to learn from Flexera’s 20 years of cloud industry experience.


Brian Adler
Senior Director of Cloud Market Strategy

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