Understanding cloud computing trends and strategies for success

Cloud adoption has been expanding for several years—and has rapidly accelerated due to COVID-19—but as a post-pandemic world begins to take shape new trends in cloud usage are coming into focus.

The Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report provides insight into the public, private, and multi-cloud usage of 753 global cloud decision-makers and users. Survey respondents highlighted cloud trends, challenges, initiatives and success metrics used by industries of all verticals and sizes.

Cloud costs continue to grow, and the amount of waste remains high. For the sixth year in a row, optimizing the existing use of cloud is the top priority for all respondents, underscoring the need for FinOps teams or similar ways to improve cost savings initiatives.

Top cloud initiatives for 2022 across all organizations

The report also reveals that the gap between the cloud providers has continued to decrease year-over-year, with Azure usage surpassing that of AWS in several instances for the first time in the eleven years of the report.

Enterprise public cloud adoption rates

The consumption of cloud—whether public, private or a hybrid approach—continues to expand across all industry verticals and disrupt the ways in which IT provisions, manages and orchestrates resources. In a hybrid IT world, a siloed approach to IT management is obsolete; the question is no longer if but when for organizations that have not yet begun their cloud journey.

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Brian Adler
Senior Director of Cloud Market Strategy

Tanner Luxner
Product Marketing Manager