The threat of economic uncertainty in 2023 has most enterprises seeking ways to maximize their opportunities while dealing with flat or shrinking budgets. While the modern cloud environment has made leaps and bounds regarding development speed, it has also introduced complications in terms of budget management and ever-changing costs.

The advent of FinOps as a practice to help reduce waste and allocate cloud cost has helped many organizations make the most out of every dollar, but there’s still more progress to be made when IT asset management (ITAM) and FinOps teams combine their efforts.

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Join us for this enlightening on-demand webinar, where you’ll hear guest speaker Tracy Woo, Senior Analyst at Forrester, share her insight into the future of cloud cost management. You’ll discover how the common goals between ITAM and FinOps teams can be conquered together by each team’s unique abilities to cover cost gaps.


Tracy Woo
Senior Analyst

Tanner Luxner
Product Marketing Manager

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