Join us for our next FinOps with Flexera when Cloud Lead Jeremy Chaplin will dive into Flexera’s Cloud Cost Optimization platform to cover powerful workflows and use cases utilized by major enterprises to optimize cloud costs and maintain FinOps best practices.

With the second entry in our series, we’ll cover the FinOps domain of Performance Tracking and Benchmarking, a vital step to planning, by answering the question, “Does what we’re using/spending allow us to achieve our strategic and organizational goals?” We’ll examine via budget mapping, forecasting and establishing KPIs. You’ll see in real time how Cloud Cost Optimization tools help successfully navigate the capabilities within the domain, as well as customize to best fit your organization.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • The journey to measure unit costs
  • Thoughtful management of commitment-based discounts
  • Resource utilization and efficiency
  • Developing a cloud budget
  • Identifying and managing anomalies

Jeremy Chaplin
Cloud Lead

Tanner Luxner
Product Marketing Manager

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