FinOps has been an incredibly hot topic throughout 2023 with the rise in cloud usage and associated spend, as has the conversation on how ITAM and FinOps teams share a very common focus.

Gartner estimates that by 2025, half of organizations will unify SAM and FinOps into a consolidated discipline. As FinOps practices mature, the scope broadens beyond resource usage to commercial software, licensing and cost implications. Collaboration between these teams and a common dataset are essential for a true, accurate picture of cost optimization.

Join Flexera and LISA as we go in-depth on how IT asset managers, software asset managers, and FinOps practitioners can make a significant organizational impact and realize success through collaboration. We’ll cover:

  • FinOps overview and foundational elements
  • The relationship between ITAM and FinOps
  • Shared goals, best practices and benefits of working together
  • Data requirements for collaboration, including data sources and data collection tools

Ryan Stefani
Product Manager
LISA by ITAM Review learning

Tanner Luxner
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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