Learn how to make sense of containers and cloud spend

It’s no secret cloud consumption across all major cloud providers has continued its explosive growth and adoption in 2021—and it’s unlikely to stop any time soon. But increased consumption brings increased complexity, which makes managing and optimizing cloud resources even more challenging.

When you couple that with the added adoption of containers, Kubernetes and Kubernetes-based services like GKE, EKS and AKS, understanding an organization-wide cloud bill and implementing accurate chargeback can become an arduous task.

This webinar sheds light on your organization’s cloud cost, helping you to identify where increased spend is being incurred and why it’s happening. Hosted by Flexera and Stackwatch, the creators of Kubecost, the webinar will identify some of the macro general issues that plague enterprises trying to navigate through their cloud bills. It will also cover the micro resources you’ll encounter when running a Kubernetes deployment.

You’ll be able to identify quick wins in container cost management, including the adoption of discounting mechanics as well as the more complex cost management tasks of breaking out a multi-tenant Kubernetes environment. In doing so, you’ll be able to ensure the teams in your organization are paying only for the resources they consume.

Register today to learn from Flexera’s 15 years of cloud industry experience—and why AWS and Azure recommend Kubecost as the de facto solution for monitoring and optimizing Kubernetes costs. Feel free to come prepared to anonymously submit questions for discussion.

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