Key areas all ITAM professionals should master ASAP

As digital transformation and workload migration continue at a higher pace than ever, cloud technologies are also rapidly growing in importance. Executive teams are focused on modernisation to meet the new expectations of users and customers while also being positioned to take advantage of new commercial opportunities. Now is the time to ensure your ITAM is well aligned to help these initiatives succeed.

This white paper looks at essential cloud areas you need to get right in 2023, including:

  • Container discovery and visibility
  • New cloud licensing programs
  • Management of "true cloud" SaaS
  • The relationship between ITAM and FinOps

Having clear insight into what you have, where it is and what it’s doing is fundamental for any business serious about digital transformation. With the right focus, people, tools and approach, ITAM can deliver these crucial insights across your business. The topics discussed in this white paper will enable you to deliver the most value to your business—and do so in the shortest timeframe.

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