Financial responsibility and reporting are more important than ever as cloud spend and usage continue to rise. In fact, optimizing cloud spend has topped the list of cloud priorities for organizations for the past six years of the Flexera State of the Cloud Report.

The data doesn’t lie: to succeed, organizations need a more sophisticated long-term approach for cloud management.

Enter Hybrid FinOps—a discipline that combines the core components of FinOps and extends it from focusing solely on public cloud spend to addressing full-stack tech spend, including software, SaaS and containers. Hybrid FinOps was born from the realization that software running on the cloud is often more expensive than the instance itself and can create compliance issues. Optimizing that spend requires a more holistic view of software usage to capture redundancies and capitalize on other areas for improvement.

Collaboration between ITAM and FinOps teams is crucial for realizing the numerous benefits of Hybrid FinOps. To get your organization started, check out this summary of our webinar with Forrester.

This webinar summary covers:

  • Cloud market trends
  • Insights on what the future holds for this new Hybrid FinOps approach
  • Steps organizations can take to realize success on their Hybrid FinOps journey
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