Are you still using products that EOL and EOS in 2019?

The end of each year winds down, the to-do's pile up as time runs out and suddenly you realize you're still running software and relying on hardware with End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Support (EOS) dates already past. All year you've heard about security breaches due to obsolete technology in the media, and you know the risks of applications being inadequately supported:

  • Out of compliance
  • Increased support costs
  • Reduced performance and productivity
  • Disruption of critical processes

While it is always a best practice to get out ahead of updates and migrations to outdated technology, you need to know first whether you have obsoleted software and hardware, and where it lives – and you probably already know that it's no small task. But Flexera has you covered with a new report!

Flexera analyzed product manufacturers' 2019 EOL and EOS data using Technopedia®, the industry's most trusted and comprehensive technology asset information source. A summary of results is included in this report, and even includes some insights for 2020. Full reports can be generated using Technopedia.

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