A near-real time accurate CMDB is important requirement but a major challenge for modern IT organizations. Bad and missing data can significantly impact the business and result in business impacting service outages, increased business risk and exposure to security threats.

ServiceNow provides the essential management and big picture visibility that is crucial to an effective CMDB. And Flexera | RISC Networks provides detailed discovery data, business service context and analysis to push into your ServiceNow instance, making the picture of the current state accurate and contextually relevant.

How would you like to:

  • Eliminate up to 5% or more of underutilized applications and infrastructure
  • Reduce noise and inaccurate CMDB data through near-real time discovery and waste elimination
  • Automate and enable always-on accurate business service discovery
  • Reduce time to map business services from months to days
  • Leverage network topology, infrastructure and application dependency mapping to close knowledge gaps, from desktop to datacenter and cloud
  • Automatically enrich with up-to-date end of life/support and other meta-data to mitigate cloud migration and business risk
  • Use analytics to provide insights into cloud migration workloads candidates, infrastructure/application dependencies and performance metrics
  • Customize workflows in ServiceNow to automatically open tickets when the enriched analytics indicates business-impacting issues

Learn how to gain powerful analytics with Flexera and get greater insight into the complex relationships in your IT estate, delivering the knowledge you need to take action.

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