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This series illuminates how comprehensive visibility of your IT estate can result in better-informed IT budget planning.

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Can you answer these 7 questions?

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Do I know exactly what’s in my IT estate?

Less than 25% of respondents have complete visibility into their IT environments.1

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Chart: 25% wasted software spend

Are our software licensing costs optimized?

SAM practitioners estimate an average of 25% wasted software spend; most analysts estimate waste at 30 percent or more.2

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Can we control our organization’s SaaS costs?

Only 37% of SAM teams track their organization’s use of SaaS in order to rightsize contracts.3

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Chart: 30% wasted cloud spend

Are our cloud costs optimized?

Respondents estimate their wasted cloud spend at 30% but it’s likely higher.4

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How can we optimize our migration to the cloud?

Enterprises and small- to medium-size businesses rank understanding app dependencies and assessing technical feasibility as their top cloud migration challenges.5

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Flexera One IT Visibility

How can we get more from our investments in ITSM and ITFM?

Just as high-performance cars need to run on premium fuel, your ITSM and ITFM platforms require the enriched and current IT asset data delivered by Flexera One’s IT Visibility application to perform as expected.

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What are the costs of doing nothing?

For a representative company spending $44 million annually on software, SaaS and cloud, with costs increasing three percent a year, Flexera’s technology value optimization solutions would typically deliver $27 million in savings over five years. That’s $27 million you could allocate to strategic initiatives; or $27 million you’d forgo if you did nothing.

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