Plan your IT investments strategically, with the right data and tools

IT budget planning season is upon us. Inflation is high, recession talk is ramping up, global supply chains continue to be disrupted and the macroeconomic effects of conflict in Ukraine are impacting future planning significantly. Additionally, unemployment remains low and talent is increasingly difficult to attract and retain. A recent IDC survey found that 63 percent of CIOs indicated they would reduce IT budgets going into 2023.

With all the unknowns surrounding the current economic climate, how are you supposed to budget effectively for the coming year? More than ever, enabling your organization to be agile and optimize your technology investments is at a premium. So, how can your business get a handle and keep budgets in check? Flexera put together a helpful planning guide that covers:

  • Building a reliable view of your IT estate
  • Controlling and optimizing across on-premises software, SaaS and the cloud
  • Integrating an effective IT ecosystem
  • Securing your environment from vulnerabilities and risk
  • And more

Check out the budget planning guide.

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