How Flexera’s Focus on Data Optimizes ITSM and ITFM

IT is constantly evolving. There’s never been more pressure to move quickly and deliver innovation and business outcomes. Existing investments in IT service management (ITSM) and IT financial management (ITFM) platforms are a great start. But these transformations can only be achieved with complete visibility of your entire IT estate, and the ability to effectively manage your IT assets to maximize the return on your technology expenditures. These platforms aren’t always integrated. And they don’t have the depth of data and ability to fully unleash the fastest, most efficient digital transformation possible, from on-premises applications to cloud solutions. ITSM and ITFM cannot answer:

  • Will you be out of compliance if an IT request is fulfilled?
  • Are the applications requested at end of life or end of support putting your organization at risk?
  • What percentage of your spend is on databases and with which vendors? Could you reallocate your licenses more effectively or save money on underused licenses?
  • It looks like your organization has $10 million in duplicative software; could you rationalize your applications?
  • And an endless list of questions that would help you rightsize across your estate, reallocate funds more effectively and reduce risk

With Flexera, you can:

  • Support managing requests, changes and disruption to agreed services
  • Provide unit-level insight into service composition
  • Enhance financial management, managing investment and communicating the value
  • Improve operations management, keeping technology working so services are reliable
  • Leverage greater fidelity around the data in order to make the right decisions and drive the desired outcomes
  • And more

Download the Quality Data to Unified Value Guide to learn more about how Flexera makes your ITSM and ITFM better.

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