IT spend—particularly for cloud and SaaS—continues to increase year over year. In fact, the rate of cost increases often outpaces the rate of business growth. And if your costs for software, SaaS and cloud are growing at an annual rate that outpaces the growth of the company, that’s unsustainable.

IT leaders are under constant pressure to do more with the same or even less. Yet, when it comes to software, SaaS and cloud spend, there’s no shortage of waste. And every wasted or unoptimized dollar cuts into profitability and investment in growth.

The goal for IT professionals is to flatten the spend curve and remove unpredictability. To seize the opportunity of technology value optimization in order to direct funds toward innovation and growth. To remove waste from IT spend while providing an exceptional digital experience for customers and employees. But what if you decided to keep things status quo and do nothing to change the current trajectory of your IT costs?

Join Flexera’s Mark Delisi and Dan Anderson to see how you can make a strategic plan for better-informed decisions. You and your organization will gain the visibility and control you need to rewrite the rules and change the game.

Learn how to achieve cost efficiency through asset and resource utilization as well as strategic decision making to save across your IT estate, from true-ups to optimizing current expenditures with top vendors.

Mark Delisi, Business Value Advisor, Flexera
Dan Anderson, Business Value Advisor, Flexera

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