Dealing with SaaS is a challenge for more than three quarters of ITAM organizations. Less than half track usage and rightsize overall SaaS contracts. Estimated waste or underutilization is 32 percent of spend (Flexera 2023 State of ITAM Report). With Salesforce a top vendor by spend for many organizations’ customer relationship management (CRM) needs, it’s essential to gain deeper understanding of that spend, licensing and usage to avoid waste and risk.

Estimated wasted spend remains significant across the IT estate

N=431 Desktop, N=434 Data center, N=431 SaaS, N=418 IaaS/PaaS
Source: Flexera 2023 State of ITAM Report

What if you could identify redundant Salesforce instances? Or track spend, consumption, licensing and user activity across all organizations? You’d be able to rationalize your Salesforce estate and recoup wasted spend or expose shadow IT costs from unauthorized use and incomplete offboarding. Reducing time spent managing your Salesforce relationship is money saved and productivity gained.

Flexera One Select for Salesforce delivers unparalleled multi-organizational support not available anywhere else—not even directly from Salesforce. Now you can cover all your licenses and user activity, including your community licenses. Plus, track across all organizations for AppExchange packages assigned to users as well as Marketing Cloud contact usage.

Recoup your spend and avoid the risks of shadow IT and achieve a successful SaaS management program with one of your top vendors.

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