Discover 6 pathways to ITAM 2.0

IT leaders are facing many dynamic forces in 2024—just look at decentralized purchasing patterns, the rise of Generative AI and the explosion of SaaS applications for a few powerful examples. Those forces are making it harder than ever to create an IT strategy with a clear path to ITAM 2.0.

Of these IT leaders, 91% say they still need to invest in tools and technologies that will help them extract value from data.1

As leaders like you make this crucial investment decision, how can you pick a solution that will meet your organization’s competing needs for innovation, profitability and security?

Read our complimentary roadmap to discover:

  • The 5 challenges facing ITAM leaders for the rest of 2024
  • The 6 pathways to a next-generation ITAM function that’s fit for the future
  • How to unite ITAM and FinOps for stronger governance and waste reduction
  • The impact of better cost transparency, risk mitigation and C-Suite decision-making upon realizing ITAM 2.0

Cross new ITAM frontiers to fuel your organization’s success in 2024.

1. 2024 IT Priorities Report

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