An essential guide on the past, present and future of ITAM

According to the 2024 IT Priorities Report, 67% of IT leaders say their business is buying more SaaS and cloud services than they are aware of.  If you’re one of these professionals, you probably know that effective IT asset management (ITAM) is the answer to getting complete visibility of your IT technology ecosystem. You may not, however, be aware of everything involved in modern ITAM, the extent of ITAM’s reach, its origins or its potential to transform your organization.

This complimentary guide defines ITAM by identifying its essential components and exploring its past, present and rapidly approaching future. It’s designed for everyone interested in ITAM—whether you’re a new ITAM practitioner at your organization, an outsider curious about the benefits an ITAM program can provide or an experienced ITAM leader wondering about what’s next for your field.

Our guide explores ITAM in three parts:

  • Part One dives into the early, pre-cloud days of ITAM that were based in SAM and on-premises hardware. It outlines essential ITAM components and practices rooted in this time that are still essential today.
  • Part Two centers on ITAM’s current expansion into cloud and SaaS.
  • Part Three focuses on the emerging future of IT organizations and their ITAM practices as providers of Technology Intelligence—the ability to understand and manage all technology.

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