Your teams could have IT solutions to help them make informed decisions with better data, automate IT process and protect your company from software license audits.

It starts with industry-leading solutions allowing you to advance your IT and accelerate your company.

It starts with Flexera.

As your team evaluates your software asset management options, you should know Flexera’s delivers more than just a powerful SAM solution. We provide complete solutions for rightsizing and modernizing your IT environment, from on-premises to the cloud.

Tee up the right SAM solution

Tee up the right SAM solution

See what customers, analysts and experts have to say about Flexera and transforming IT:

Audits and Protection

"We have not had a single audit since implementing Flexera."

Senior IT Leader from a multinational telecommunications company

Paul Pieske, senior product marketing manager for Flexera, hosted a roundtable discussion with CIOs and senior IT leaders about effectively preparing for software license audits.

Find out how you can help shield your company from audits by viewing the webinar in the downloadable toolkit.

Optimization and Savings

"The value of Flexera’s software asset management solution is immediate and demonstrable."

Hobson & Company

Hobson & Company, a leading research firm, interviewed our FlexNet Manager customers, who reported huge savings in both time and spend. Download the toolkit to view the full report.

Data and Visibility

"We started discovering our SaaS applications and quickly realized we have four applications for everything and eight contracts with Salesforce. We've been able to clean all this up to simplify and secure what we have."

VP of Procurement from a consumer goods industry company

Find out how Flexera can help clean and perfect your IT asset data by viewing the solution brief in the downloadable toolkit.

Automation and Productivity

"With FlexNet Manager, we are able to do at least twice as much as we were able to do before, and the quality of what we are able to do is better."

Senior Manager of IT Asset Management

See how Flexera can help automate your some of your existing IT processes by viewing the video in the downloadable toolkit.

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