Building the business case for Software Asset Management

The need for IT to provide insight into technology usage and spend continues to increase as organizations develop digital transformation projects and business units seize control of their own IT.

Have you already identified that Software Asset Management (SAM) could help you gather the data and insights you need to effectively manage your IT estate? But are you struggling to build a business case robust enough to secure executive buy-in?

If you are new to SAM and want to make the most of your IT investments join our webinar for advice on how to build a business case.

We will equip you with step by step advice on:

  • The top SAM business case components you need to consider
  • How to demonstrate cost/ benefit analysis
  • How to identify and engage critical stakeholders

Who will benefit from this webinar?

This webinar is relevant to anyone in an IT practitioner or management role who is looking for advice, best practice or solutions to help them more effectively manage their entire IT estate, implement IT asset management or build the right governance, teams and capabilities.

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