Many organizations struggle to manage the full portfolio of their technology assets. The growth of disruptive technologies such as cloud for example along with many other factors put a major strain on IT. The reason for this is the growing complexity of the environment. Organizations have to tackle more than licensed software assets. Today it’s not uncommon for organizations to be tasked with managing hybrid cloud environments and a number of SaaS applications that are often being purchased by business units outside of IT. As if this isn’t enough, organizations are also struggling to manage global assets, especially if their current strategy is focused on a local approach.

Join Heather McKay, Senior Product Manager at Flexera and Rich Gibbons Licensing Analyst from ITAM Review to learn:

  • Where the gaps are in your current technology asset management strategy
  • The common complexities that cause issues and how to address them
  • The role cloud should play in your asset management strategy
  • How Flexera can help

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