Managing licenses for companies like yours is more than just monitoring on-premises hardware and software. One Cisco study found that the average large enterprise now has 15 times more cloud and SaaS apps in use than its CIO and IT department think they have.

SaaS use is skyrocketing as more workloads migrate to the cloud every day. Business units are jumping into SaaS contracts with little oversight from IT and procurement. Meanwhile, you need to ensure your company’s employees are using all the SaaS subscriptions you’ve for or have the correct O365 license tier for the apps they’re using in the suite. And you need to monitor your SaaS to make sure former employees no longer have access.

How can you expand your existing IT asset management program to keep pace with the SaaS upsurge and handle all the challenges that come with it?

Flexera helps you merge and manage hybrid IT environments for license optimization and governance—allowing you to get a handle on usage while controlling costs for both on-premises software and SaaS.

Join Flexera’s experts Nik Kulkarni and Ashley Rossiaky for a webinar that’ll show you how with Flexera, you can:

  • Identify who’s spending what on SaaS by using a central inventory of all your SaaS applications
  • Monitor all licenses and renewals through a single pane of glass
  • Make informed renewal decisions based on the actual utilization of apps in your organization
  • Reduce app redundancy and identifying shadow IT
  • Govern your SaaS applications proactively using automated policies

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