Higher and Further Education institutions in the UK can now take advantage of a new Flexera Chest Agreement.

Higher and Further Education institutions can now take advantage of a new Chest Agreement with Flexera. Flexera's market-leading technology asset management allows the optimisation of license consumption, helping reduce software costs. Simultaneously Flexera increases capacity to proactively manage and track software license compliance, reducing software maintenance spend and tracking application usage to reclaim licenses, optimise renewals and reduce denials of service.

Between 20% and 35% of all software and SaaS costs are wasted, due to underutilisation, change of users, and duplication of functionality – especially for SaaS, optimisation can reduce cost quickly, as many SaaS solutions are renewed more often than traditional software agreements.

The agreement is live, and you can join us for an exclusive webinar on Thursday 14th January, where you will learn about key Flexera solution benefits including:

  • Unique academic bundle for Software License and SaaS Optimisation
  • Preferential pricing based on an institution's FTE
  • Three-year Subscription license for a cloud-hosted platform
  • Optimise your software licenses across desktops, laptops, and other client devices
  • Visibility of your SaaS applications so you can reduce costs and eliminate risks

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