Optimize usage of top SaaS vendors to maximize business value

Is SaaS slowing down your business? With 77 percent of organizations expecting SaaS investment to grow in 2024 (Flexera 2023 Tech Spend Pulse), the impact of SaaS applications on productivity and success is significant and expanding.

However, less than 50 percent of organizations are currently able to effectively track their SaaS usage (Flexera 2023 State of ITAM Report). This inability to align entitlement with consumption has major ramifications on their ability to rightsize contracts with vendors. What does an effective SaaS management program look like for companies wanting to effectively manage the estate of top vendors like Salesforce and ServiceNow?

Join SaaS expert Philipp Helbling, Barrelman Consulting & Digital Services, and Flexera’s John Suehr, SaaS Product Manager, for tips on gaining a better grip on your SaaS. Learn how to:

  • Discover and optimize your SaaS applications
  • Track spend, consumption and user activity
  • View, manage, and optimize Salesforce and ServiceNow licenses
  • And more

Philipp Helbling
Barrelman Consulting & Digital Services

John Suehr
Product Management

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