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The responsibilities of today’s IT asset management (ITAM) functions are becoming more vast and complex as FinOps, SaaS and the cloud continue to grow in importance for business operations. But this expanded responsibility brings new challenges, and ITAM professionals must balance key initiatives with innovation in order to continue to find opportunities for cost-saving and increased efficiencies.

Flexera’s 2024 State of ITAM Report surveyed over 500 IT leaders and technical professionals globally, providing insight into the makeup and focus of ITAM teams at enterprise-level organizations and offering perspective on current trends. Findings from this year’s report include:

39% of respondents said their business was just starting to develop a software asset management (SAM) function

Source: Flexera 2024 State of ITAM (Figure 11) 

More than 20% of organizations don’t have a FinOps team

Source: Flexera 2024 State of ITAM (Figure 9) 

Estimated wasted SaaS spend ranges from 20%-31% across ITAM practices of different maturity levels

Source: Flexera 2024 State of ITAM (Figure 18) 

But what does this mean for your organization?

Join our virtual event to hear from Brian Adler, Senior Director of Cloud Market Strategy at Flexera, Phil Perfetti, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Flexera, and Jim Shepard, Chief Operating Officer at IAITAM, where they’ll discuss how you can:

  • Benchmark your organization’s maturity against your peers
  • Discover the areas where ITAM-generated savings can be made
  • Find out which vendors are most relevant to your ITAM program

Don’t miss this insightful webinar so learn how your organization can stay nimble and flexible while managing a single source of truth for your IT data and insights.


Brian Adler
Senior Director of Cloud Market Strategy

Jim Shepard
Chief Operating Officer

Phil Perfetti
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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