Imagine a single platform where siloed data is curated, accurate and actionable. Where analytics provide the recommendations and workflows you need to take action. Where you no longer have to figure out which duplicative services, shelfware, shadow IT and compliance positions are most impactful to your business.

As companies increase SaaS application use, they’re streamlining deployment and creating cost-effective options with the purchase. However, analysts note that 30 percent of SaaS applications are underutilized or unused, while the average large enterprise is now using 15 times more applications than IT departments estimate. Even though SaaS is convenient, it can leave you vulnerable if not properly managed. What about the hybrid SaaS applications and services for which you’re still paying along with your SaaS subscriptions? What about the SaaS subscriptions that are installed and used on-prem? How do you get the information you need to determine whether you’re spending more than necessary for each vendor. How do you continuously maintain optimization?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to enable your team to make better informed decisions and get a handle on SaaS sprawl to rein in spend
  • Discover unauthorized users and shadow IT that leave your organization exposed and vulnerable
  • Get ahead of potential audits and mitigate non-compliance, with the ability to track and report on all of your license applications within your IT environment

John Suehr, Product Manager, Flexera
John Sorensen, Principal Solution Engineer, Flexera

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