As public sector organisations strive to improve operational efficiencies and harness IT assets to enhance mission performance, one of their biggest obstacles is the growing complexity of their IT ecosystems.

Traditional IT asset management (ITAM) tools lack the capability to accurately catalogue the entire universe of software, hardware, virtual, hybrid and cloud devices and services in their IT environments. Consequently, many IT teams struggle to monitor an ever-expanding array of IT assets, hampering effective management while increasing cybersecurity risks. Poor IT asset visibility also makes it difficult to support key elements of the Greening Government: ICT and digital services strategy 2020 - 2025. You can’t manage and protect what you can’t see.

Public sector organisations are solving this challenge through a unified Technology Value Optimisation platform developed by Flexera and anchored on Technopedia®, the world’s largest repository of market intelligence on enterprise software and hardware. This solution unifies IT data sets and then enriches the asset data with detailed market information, such as current manufacturers, NIST’s Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) and Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVE), and end-of support (EOS) and end-of-life (EOL) dates.

This unprecedented visibility into IT assets is proving essential not just for ITAM, but also for a host of critical IT management and security functions, including continuous monitoring, configuration management, data centre consolidation, cloud migration, software licensing, procurement planning, software supply chain, compliance, and EOL and patch management. With comprehensive IT asset data, organisations can ensure that all their hardware and software is secure, up to date, and operating at peak efficiency to support government missions.

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