Are you confident your organization's IT infrastructure is up to date and secure? The risks of using obsolete software can be significant, including security vulnerabilities, noncompliance with regulations, and decreased productivity.

At Flexera, we understand the challenges of managing complex IT estates and the importance of maintaining a complete view of your hardware and software. That's why we're offering a free analysis of your IT estate to help you identify areas of potential risk and opportunity.

Our analysis will provide you with a comprehensive view of your IT landscape, including the hardware and software lifecycle dates such as general availability, end of life and obsolete. We'll also identify hardware and software that is no longer supported and may require extended support for break/fix and critical patches. This information can help you prioritize your IT budget and reduce the risks associated with outdated software and hardware.

With a complete view of your IT estate, you can act to rightsize your applications, optimize license usage and control IT spend. Our multi-tier categorization of applications will also help you easily identify opportunities for cost savings initiatives.

Don't wait until it's too late. Sign up for a free analysis today and take the first step towards protecting your business from the risks of IT obsolescence.

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