Eliminate complexity and simplify SBOM management

Technology and its guardrails are evolving at breakneck speed. With recent regulation from the National Cybersecurity Strategy (OMB) and EU Cyber Resilience Act, it's increasingly important to know what components make up all the software you've brought into your organization. And in today’s software production practices, more than one set of developers usually writes software, and many of those developers reuse code from other libraries and system components.

Enterprises today can leverage Flexera One IT Visibility to quickly identify software deployed throughout the environment, capturing end of life, end of support, and vulnerability data, along with any other potential risks that software poses for necessary updates, isolation or removal. But now organizations must go a step further and fully understand the components inside of each of those software applications.

When considering your organization’s risk mitigation strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you ingest a third-party SBOM into a human readable interface?
  • How do you reconcile data from multiple sources?
  • How do you maintain a comprehensive inventory of software components?
  • Can you view the Bill of Materials (SBOM) of discovered inventory?
  • Do you understand and have your arms around the security vulnerability state?

Download this practical SBOM management guide and learn how to build and improve your own SBOM processes to increase reliability and reduce risk in your software supply chain.

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