In Flexera’s four-part podcast series, The Intersection of Cloud and Cyber, we shine a light on how federal leaders can best leverage the cloud in the most secure ways possible—for enhancing IT and overall mission success.

Episode 1: Reduce IT Risk by Managing EOL Software.

Tom Boudreau, Flexera Senior Solutions Engineer discusses:

  • How federal agencies must keep pace as products reach end-of-life (EOL) or end-of-support (EOS) and become obsolete; this gives rise to security vulnerabilities, performance and productivity issues, and prohibits agency development
  • How Flexera helps to manage EOL software by giving agencies easy access to IT asset data through clear, concise and shareable dashboards
  • Best practices for managing EOL and EOS software, including understanding your assets and knowing your product EOL dates

Episode 2: Getting Proactive on Cybersecurity with ITAM.

Matt Crawford, Flexera Major Account Manager discusses:

  • The Department of Energy’s efforts to develop an automated solution by integrating Flexera’s Technopedia and normalize solutions
  • Why most agencies need to constantly watch for cyberattacks to prevent vulnerabilities across all their software and applications

Episode 3: Are We Vulnerable to Attack?

Frank Young, Flexera Director of Department of Defense discusses:

  • FITARA, Megabyte and the Risk Management Framework which are all powerful pieces of legislation that are helping to address everything from IT inventory management to overall modernization and security
  • The Department of Defense that has been ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing IT-driven legislation and policies
  • The benefits of providing actionable intelligence and serving a singular, authoritative view of the data, normalizing asset data-as-a-service

Episode 4: Systems Integrators Embrace the Cloud.

Mark Wohlgemuth, Flexera Federal Alliance Manager discusses:

  • The growing demand for solutions that combine elements from the IT world and emerging technologies and how SIs need to be future focused to meet these emerging mission needs
  • Moving to cloud computing to mitigate security risks, including loss of data and leakage, breaches and data privacy of confidentiality
  • How SIs are tapping into certifications and training from cloud vendors to enhance their offerings
  • Best practices that SIs are implementing today, including automating application deployment, management tools and unifying security

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