Flexera 2021

State of IT Visibility Report

Hybrid IT infrastructure and vulnerability trends


The IT landscape is rapidly evolving as enterprises digitally transform and respond to major market and societal upheavals

Keeping technology assets secure, well-governed and cost effective is a formidable challenge. This inaugural Flexera 2021 State of IT Visibility Report combines detailed survey respondent information with the industry expertise and data of Flexera’s renowned Secunia Research and Technopedia research teams to shed light on what’s happening with information technology and the data that supports the wealth of business initiatives around the world.

Visibility into IT data—especially toward adaptability to changing technology—is foundational to your success. This report explores the thinking of more than 300 global technology decision-makers and users about IT infrastructure, asset management, vulnerability posture and industry trends. It shares their current and future IT management strategies alongside tactical data regarding software obsolescence and vulnerability mitigation for strategic planning. Nearly half of the survey respondents cited vulnerabilities as their greatest concern for their IT assets, followed by software sprawl and lifecycle management.

Please rank your greatest concerns regarding your IT assets

Please rank your greatest concerns regarding your IT assets

You need comprehensive, clear insights into technology to fuel the data-driven decision making that leads to better results. You need to be aware that most EOL/EOS software, for example, will have a “low” threat severity—but programs that focus solely on high-range and very critical threat scores will miss the majority of vulnerabilities in need of remediation.

Ten most vulnerable categories by EOL/EOS

Vulnerabilities in EOL/EOS software by severity of threat

IT lifecycle and risk management in a sprawling tech landscape is both complex and dynamic, with thousands of applications and services scattered across hundreds of providers. You need complete, accurate and up-to-date visibility into every technology asset in your landscape to effectively manage it all.

Download the full report to gain critical insights about trending topics and tactical processes, including:

  • IT infrastructure
  • IT asset lifecycle management
  • Vulnerability landscape
  • Industry trends

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2021 State of IT Visibility Report
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