Plan your technology estate effectively

Across the IT estate, organizations big and small are wasting their budgets on technology they do not use. According to the Flexera State of ITAM Report, respondents estimated their waste in desktop, datacenter, SaaS and IaaS/PaaS at 33% or higher; roughly a third of IT budgets are being thrown out the window, when they could be powering initiatives for the business.

Estimated wasted spend remains significant across the IT estate

Chart: Eliminated wasted spend remains significant across the IT estate

Source: Flexera State of ITAM Report (October 2022)

How do you get ahead of all that wasted spend? By planning your hybrid IT estate effectively, from on-premises to SaaS and cloud. Support your crucial business services for customers and internal programs. Reallocate resources to timely projects. Make decisions based on accurate visibility into your technology.

It all starts with knowing what you have, how much you utilize it and when. In order to maximize your technology investments across an evolving technology landscape, you need to know when and how to plan cloud migrations successfully—and when they’re in the cloud, how to govern these environments efficiently.

Join Flexera to learn how you can plan your hybrid IT estate with the data and insights necessary to optimize the value your technology brings to your organization.


Kevin Miller
Director, Product Marketing

Mark Delisi
Executive Advisor

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