Understand hybrid IT infrastructure and vulnerability trends

The IT landscape is rapidly evolving as enterprises digitally transform and respond to major market and societal upheavals. Keeping your technology assets secure, well-governed and cost effective is a formidable challenge.

The inaugural Flexera 2021 State of IT Visibility Report combines detailed survey respondent information with the industry expertise and data of Flexera’s renowned Secunia Research and Technopedia research teams to shed light on what’s happening with information technology and the data that supports the wealth of business initiatives around the world.

Nearly half of survey respondents listed vulnerabilities as their greatest concern for their IT assets. And the most vulnerable category by end of life (EOL) and end of service (EOS) was operating systems. But what does this mean for your organization?

Please rank your greatest concerns regarding your IT assets

Please rank your greatest concerns regarding your IT assets

Ten most vulnerable categories by EOL/EOS

Ten most vulnerable categories by EOL/EOS

Visibility into your IT data—especially toward adaptability to changing technology—is more important than ever to your organization’s success. As the IT landscape continues to change at warp speed, it is critical to understand how businesses interact internally for common outcomes and objectives.

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  • Vulnerability landscape
  • Industry trends

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Kevin Miller
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

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