From discovery and strategic prioritization to license entitlement, compliance and contract alignment, IT asset management (ITAM) teams and their stakeholders have their hands full.

Consider the priorities of software asset management (SAM) teams for example. According to the Flexera 2023 State of ITAM Report, SAM teams at different levels of maturity have some shared responsibilities, but also areas of difference. Organizations at the earliest stages of building their SAM programs identified tracking out-of-date or at-risk (EOL/EOS) software as a primary responsibility, whereas advanced and intermediate SAM programs are focused on tracking use of software licenses on-premises.

SAM responsibility by maturity

NN=229 Advanced, N=131 Intermediate, N=132 Beginner
Source: Flexera 2023 State of ITAM Report 

No matter where you are on your ITAM journey, it’s important to build your Enterprise Technology Blueprint with the right data in order to maximize the value of your technology investments. With platforms, tools and in-house solutions all contributing to the complexity and confusion, where should you start? And what should you be using to tackle issues as your program matures?

Don’t miss this enlightening webinar where Flexera experts will discuss:

  • Why an effective license position (ELP) is crucial for cost and operational efficiency
  • How optimizing software licensing contributes to your audit readiness and cost savings
  • How recognizing and addressing shadow IT contributes to your organization’s overall security
  • How dealing with portfolio rationalization, tech debt and obsolescence contributes to your operational efficiency
  • How ITAM contributes to the overall security of your organization
  • Why CMDB enrichment is critical to effective ITAM
  • And more

Deirdre Cassidy
Product Manager

Vida Sirmeniene
Product Manager

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