According to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, organizations are taking a centralized approach to cloud. 73 percent of enterprises have a central cloud team or cloud center of excellence (CoE), and 57 percent of cloud teams are responsible for governing both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)/ platform-as-a-service (PaaS) usage and costs.

With a centralized approach, driving accountability and cost ownership involves central cloud groups and finance teams to be on the same page. That starts with central cloud groups accurately representing and dispersing costs to the cost centers that make sense within an organization, then successfully communicating that to finance groups.

This webinar will:

  • Highlight some common problems that central cloud groups & finance teams face around cloud financial management.
  • Identify best practices & implementation strategies to facilitate effective working agreements between cloud groups and finance teams, leading to more aligned and successful cloud financial management.
  • Provide a live demo focused on:
    • Different ways to represent business costs by showing how to represent all related public, private, and other 3rd party costs
    • How to reconcile a myriad of cloud accounts quickly and easily with various financial invoices from cloud providers
    • How central cloud groups can:
      • Adjust various facets of their cloud bill(s) to represent business realities more accurately
      • Allocate true costs of discounts and support costs to the appropriate cost centers in an organization based on usage
      • Drive accountability and ownership of various cloud costs to cost owners from a single location


  • Shelby Salling – Flexera, Product Manager, Cloud Solutions
  • Sean Pomeroy – Flexera, Senior Cloud Solution Engineer

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