The SaaS industry is perhaps one of the fastest growing industries out there, particularly in cloud services, and trying to grab hold of it is like trying to catch the tail of a comet.

How is SaaS evolving and how do companies manage its rapid expansion across the enterprise?

Download our eBook, 5 Insights for Effective SaaS Management, to learn about SaaS industry evolution and growth and key elements for you to consider to effectively manage SaaS applications at your organization.

In the eBook, you’ll find:

  • The #1 Biggest Risk to CIOs
  • Why Single Sign On (SSO) Isn’t Ideal for SaaS Management
  • What is Usage? Step One in Calculating SaaS ROI
  • SaaS Management: Shifting from Compliance to Cost Containment
  • 7 Steps to Successfully Manage SaaS Subscription Renewal

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