Organizations struggle to manage their software costs due to many factors that may seem hard to control. Relying on a local approach or manual processes makes it difficult to gain full visibility into the costs associated with usage, maintenance fees and renewals. Add in complex software investments, such as Salesforce as an example and IT can find themselves drowning due to wasted spend.

Join Dan Kelly, Founder and President of Negotiator Guru and Patricia Adams from Flexera as they discuss gaining control of Software Spend with effective contract negotiation strategy and a solution that will help you gain visibility into your IT environment.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How Salesforce negotiates contracts
  • The role your sales rep will play in negotiations
  • How to understand the business desk
  • About divide and conquer tactics
  • How the process differs for new and existing customers
  • How Flexera can help

Dan Kelly
Founder & President
Negotiator Guru

Patricia Adams
Senior Director of Strategy Analysis

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