Part 1 - Smart SaaS Practices: Identify IT Challenges and Risks

SaaS is a tremendous advancement in software delivery, but it’s also challenging to manage.

From over-licensing risks to spend creep to seemingly unstoppable Shadow IT SaaS apps, this can no longer be managed using traditional SAM practices.

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Join this webinar for the big picture perspective on managing SaaS in your IT landscape.

Learn how to gain visibility into your entire software ecosystem and take the uncertainty out of SaaS.

In addition, you will learn:

  • How Cloud/SaaS Spend Continues to Rise
  • What This Means for IT Professionals?
  • Challenges and Opportunities Caused by the Growth of SAAS

Part 2 - Harnessing SaaS Insights: The Future Role of IT Procurement

If your company is like most, it has hundreds of SaaS applications running day-to-day operations that you—the software asset manager—don’t know about.

The number of available SaaS apps for business is growing daily. It’s hard for today’s workforce to resist the thousands of relatively inexpensive cloud services that are quick and easy to buy and deploy—without telling IT Procurement.

But it also introduces major challenges in the form of Shadow IT and SaaS sprawl.

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48%* of surveyed procurement pros named the “cost of unused licenses” as a top SaaS app concern for their organizations. (* 42018 1105 Media Survey: Gaining Insight into SaaS Application Management and Shadow IT)

The only way to gain full visibility into SaaS usage is to adopt a unified SaaS management solution.

Join this Flexera webinar to learn about:

  • IT Procurement’s Changing Role
  • How to keep up with Business Demands
  • Challenges for IT Procurement
  • Opportunities for IT Procurement

Part 3 - Controlling SaaS Costs: 4 Easy Strategies Every CFO Should Know

Companies are using more SaaS apps than ever, with research by Gartner predicting that worldwide SaaS revenue is surging and on target to reach $126.7 billion by 2021*.
*Forecast Analysis: Gartner 2019

What’s behind this growth? SaaS apps are not only easy to procure and implement, they’re often more affordable than traditional on-premise software. But while it seems like increased SaaS app use should lead to significant savings, many companies actually end up overspending on SaaS licenses, often without even realizing they’re doing so.

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Learning how to accurately manage and report on SaaS in your environment is a key strategy to stop SaaS costs from spiraling out of control.

Join this Flexera webinar to learn about:

  • Identify and eliminate redundant or underused subscriptions
  • Access the insights you need to negotiate renewal contracts
  • Track employee SaaS usage needs and maximize subscriptions
  • Budget for future SaaS use

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