We did it again. Flexera is a recognized leader in both software asset management tools and cloud management platforms for the second year in a row.

Being a leader in both the cloud and SAM spotlights Flexera’s commitment to innovating for customers. Flexera makes it a priority to listen to what our customers want and need, continually adding value to their business.

Flexera is continuing to evolve our pioneering solutions to deliver the most complete and detailed view of technology in use across data centers, desktop, SaaS and cloud. And we’ve expanded our portfolio to meet organizations’ needs for technology insights and proactive management in complex hybrid IT environments, including:

  • Technopedia, the largest catalog of IT solutions
  • IT discovery and normalization
  • IT visibility
  • Software asset management
  • IT asset management
  • IT asset request and reharvest
  • SaaS management
  • Cloud cost management
  • Cloud migration and modernization

Download the software asset management tools and the cloud management platforms analyst reports.

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