CrayonMany organizations are adopting a number of disruptive technologies such as Cloud and AI / ML to digitize their environments for better business outcomes. Adding to the complexity is the fact that IT is no longer the central hub for technology purchases, which poses challenges with gaining visibility.

The lack of full visibility into your IT environment can make managing software spending and license utilization nearly impossible. This is a common problem, especially for organizations that are still using manual processes and a local approach for technology asset management. If one organization is struggling with lack of visibility, imagine the impact of a new organization with their own systems and processes being acquired with the task of integrating their IT structure.

Join Crayon and Flexera to learn tips and best practices for how to effectively manage technology assets in the era of mergers and acquisitions.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Effectively manage technology assets due to the complexity of mergers and acquisitions
  • Control risk in the environment to avoid audits
  • Govern utilization of technology assets to properly optimize appropriate entitlements and spend
  • Ensure the proper processes and procedures are in place so the next merger, acquisition or divestiture is managed more efficiently and effectively

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