For years Software Asset Management (SAM) as an internal discipline has struggled to gain the attention of executive sponsors required to ensure its adoption. The outcome of this executive ambivalence has been a rich vein of revenue opportunity for the “Big Guys”; revenue obtained as a result of a software audit is far easier to secure than traditional license sales.

Even against this backdrop, Software Asset Management is still not taking off as rapidly as one might expect. Instead, a SAM discipline called Software Self- Audit (SSA), which has emerged to shift the power back towards the buyers.

Learn why Software Self-Audit is a far better message to take to executives for those seeking to prepare organizations for the inevitable letter from the “Big and not so big Guys” and how a Software Self-Audit program can significantly reduce or even eliminate the risk of a software audit.

Watch and you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of software self-audit as an ongoing SAM practice
  • Using SSA as a launching point for bigger SAM ambitions?
  • The 5 steps in building your software self-audit practice
  • Advanced software self-audit concepts that management needs to hear

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